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Fully Automatic taper for the floral industry

Our FreshSealer is prioritizing care and precision during processing. It minimize handling, using specially selected materials to shield each delicate bloom. Our high-speed taper ensures swift yet gentle packaging, securing sachets to guarantee zero loss of flower food.

Discover our groundbreaking sealing system, specially designed for the floral industry. Experience the innovation of our revolutionary sealing solution, meticulously crafted for the floral industry. Balancing efficiency with the elegance of bouquet packaging, it redefines standards. Enjoy sustainable practices and enhanced cost management, alongside the exceptional preservation of floral beauty.

Continue to discover the unique advantages that the FreshSealer brings to your business.





Nutrients Delivered Where It Matters

“NO flower food sachets lost.”

The only machine engineered with precision to ensure that every packet of flower food sachets firmly stays in place. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of lost sachets or those forgotten at the bottom of buckets. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that each essential sachet remains securely in place, accompanying your blooms every step of the way until they reach the hands of the consumer.

Brand Your Blooms

Custom-printed seals not only preserve freshness but also amplify your brand’s visibility. With the FreshSealer, you can customize the paper with your logo, messages, or unique designs, turning every bouquet into a walking advertisement for your business. It’s a simple yet powerful way to ensure that your brand blossoms in the minds of your customers long after the flowers have been placed in a vase.




Swift Tape Changes

Experience minimal interruption with the FreshSealer’s quick tape change feature. Designed for ease and speed, our system ensures that you can swap out tape rolls in moments, not minutes, keeping your operations flowing smoothly. Downtime is drastically reduced, allowing you to maintain peak productivity and keep your floral business blossoming without pause.

Turnkey Solution: Buying via FloraLife for Effortless Operations

Buying via our partner FloraLife offers the advantage of their exceptional expertise in order processing. It’s the turnkey solution that seamlessly supports you throughout every step. Embrace a hassle-free experience that covers all your needs, letting you focus on crafting beautiful floral arrangements while FloraLife handles the rest.


The first fully automated, high speed, floral taper reduces the amount of labor, which decreases costs and increases output.

Time efficient

The first fully automated, high speed, floral taper reduces the amount of labor, which decreases costs and increases output.

Easy to open

No need for scissors or knives. It’s easy to remove and can go directly into a vase.The paper tabs create a handle to open the tape closure easily.


The paper can be customized with a print, ie. a logo, message or instructions.


The Tape Factory stands out in performance and so will the selection of materials. Allowing just the right amount tack to hold the flower sleeve yet be easy to open, its adhesive will not dissolve in water, and the tape stays transparent. With its width of 19 mm, it’s less likely to constrict the stems compared to other binding methods.


Time is money!

Reduce labor costs by less downtime, efficient production and automatization.

Easy to use

A multilingual display makes the FreshSealer easy to use for everyone. Handling the XL-Sealer is just as easy, just press down through the slot.


The quality, tightness, and looks of every bouquet stay consistent, because human deviation will be minimalized during production by using our system.

Freshseal, cut flowers, tape factory, floral taping, floral taper, functional, bouquets, wrap
Freshseal, cut flowers, tape factory, floral taping, floral taper, functional, bouquets, wrap


Has the FreshSealer sparked your curiosity? Imagine the impact it could have on your floral business: steamlined processes, time efficient production, long-lasting and vibrant bouquets. It’s THE innovation that redefines freshness and efficiency. Reach out to us now to discuss the bespoke opportunities that the FreshSealer can unfold for you.


The Product Guide

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